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A non-rinse shoe shampoo (200ml) proudly presented by ROSY LILY. It comes with a large, 200ml bottle. We guarantee a quick and easy shoe washing experience.

OTOMEYURI, Gentle and sweet

A gentle, sweet and fluffy fragrance. Our timeless classic since our establishment, featured with a charming fragrance when you wash your shoes. 


HIMESAYURI, Glamorous and elegant

Be amazed by the gorgeous and elegant fragrance of lily as if you are surrounded by flowers. Designed for those who are not big fans of strong fragrance.



Purpose Shoes cleaning
pH Neutral
Production Made in Japan
Volume 200ml
- No water rinsing, super easy to use.
- 1 Horse Hair Brush and 1 Shoe Shampoo
- Standard usage amount) 5ml
* Do not use for other purposes.
* Do not store the product under direct sunlight or expose to great temperature changes.
* Keep out of the reach of children.
* Stop using if you have discovered any related skin problem.
* In case of accidental ingestion, rinse your mouth, drink a lot of water, and call the doctor.
* Do not apply on materials that might discolor when exposed to water.
* The color of dyed materials may fade when exposed to water. Be sure to test the product in an unimportant part before use.
* Do not mix with water or other detergents.