About the brand and product.

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ROSY LILY is a premium shoes shampoo for women that cleans your shoes just by wiping them without having to wash them with water. It is surprisingly simple and easy to clean with. It is supported by a wide range of customers from the 20s to the 60s. In particular, the reaction after submissions by influencers from the generation of mothers is extremely positive.

(For example, when we were introduced by the model @sonkyou1013's in her story, we sold over 300 units in 2 days!)

About the product.

The product we want to request to be promoted is the starter kit, which is a set of brush and shoes shampoo.

ROSY LILY shoes shampoo is designed after lilies. We offer this product in two scents of lilies as our standard products.




ROSY LILY の洗い流さないシューズシャンプー 200ml です。ソリューションは大容量の200ml。







Arranged to make it easy to promote continuously.

Promoting products through SNS may cause your followers to lose interest so we cannot promote the same product over and over again. However, ROSY LILY offers limited quantity new products once every three months.

The limited quantity new scent products are released each season on March, June, September, and December. The production quantity and scent may differ depending at the time, but generally we do not reproduce these products.

As these are new and limited products, even influencers who have promoted our products previously can promote these products easily, allowing for continued effort.

Premium Shoe Shampoo 200ml (SAKURA)
Premium Shoe Shampoo 200ml (SAKURA)

Premium Shoe Shampoo 200ml (SAKURA)

About the promotion method and plan.

ROSY LILY offers two promotion plans: The 'Partnership Plan' where you promote on your feed, and the 'Affiliate Plan' where you promote on your story or blog.

1) Partnership Plan

The most orthodox plan where we pay a fixed promotion fee to have you promote the products on Instagram feed. You will need to set paid partnership label on your post.

In order to prevent stealth marketing, Instagram made it compulsory for paid product promotions to set paid partnership label. Please check Instagram's official help regarding branded content. Setting label itself is very easy.Setting label itself is very easy.

About branded content.

Branded contents include a feature that allows your post to be spread widely even outside of your followers. We will cover the costs, and we will actively spread good posts!

2) Affiliate Plan

Affiliate plan is an accomplishment-based reward plans where we issue a dedicated link then we will pay 15% of the product's purchase. As we will issue a dedicated link, this plan is perfect for promoting through story. You can also promote with the affiliate plan after you promote with the partnership plan.

You can set this easily just by registering you e-mail address.

Affiliate registration here.

About the reward for the partnership plan.

ROSY LILY sets a clear valuation basis while also complying to the post rewards that the influencer wishes for.

We will evaluate the cost per mile.

The most important thing is whether it catches the eye of the target. In other words, whether it is viewed by domestic female followers. Hence, we do not consider the number of followers into account. We evaluate the impression count in the last seven days.

Cost per mile is calculated as total payment divided by impression count. ‏‏‎ ‏‏‎

To put it simply, serious influencers followed by female fans who will view your posts will be evaluated highly regardless of your follower count, and we would like you to promote for us.

About the provision of insight information.

If you are considering the partnership plan, please contact us and state your asking price together with a screenshot of the insight overview and other detailed information.

Professional accounts can check their insight information. Please provide us your insight information for the last seven days.

・Reached account

By providing your impression information in the last seven days, we can estimate how many impressions you can get per post.

The average price for the influencers that have worked with us far is about JPY 0.5 cost per mile. As long as your cost per mile is not hugely different from this value then it would not be an issue.

Furthermore, in the case that you only request product provision and not monetary rewards, you do not need to provide your insights information.

Thank you for reading to the end!

We are looking forward to work with you. If there is anything unclear, please do not hesitate to contact us.